North Sentinel Island, India

Thanks to people’s passion for improving and learning, daily lives have become convenient for many of us in recent years. For example, just about everything we need can be accessed with a click of a button or a tap on the screen. From taking online classes to purchasing products on a website, who would’ve thought we could eventually get a little bit of everything all of the time? As impressive as that sounds, some people still prefer the old ways – and by old, we mean old, like from centuries ago.

While it is considered a part of India, North Sentinel Island’s people, the Sentinelese, don’t take too kindly with off-landers. Through the years, many people have tried establishing contact with the Sentinelese, gave gifts, too. Save for a few harmless interactions between the two parties, the island’s people would often shoo visitors away with a barrage of arrows. Due to that, North Sentinel Island has since become a no-go zone – save for occasional censuses.