Enter, If You Dare: World’s Forbidden Places

Surtsey, Iceland

While the many investments made in science have helped us understand the world more, that doesn’t mean it’s no longer absent of any mystery. Despite the vast amounts of knowledge we now have about it, the world continues to surprise us. In fact, one such incredible moment took place in late 1963: the Earth welcomed another island.

During one particular boat trip, the ship’s cook saw dark smoke rising from the sea’s surface. Initially thought to be a shipwreck, the captain turned the fishing boat towards the direction of the smoke. As it turns out, it was a volcano erupting from beneath the deep blue. As a result, after three and a half years of erupting, the island of Surtsey was born. Since then, it has become a nature reserve for both scientists and researchers to study. Upon further investigation, however, they found a discovery: the island is slowly being eaten away by the wind and the waves’ erosion.