Celebrities Then And Now: How They’ve Changed!


Dolly Parton is the irresistible sweetheart of America. At first glance, you’ll be struck by her timeless beauty, but her heart and talent stand out the most. Her songwriting abilities have given us decades of stirring music that crushes and lifts our spirits while making us clap our feet.

Parton grew up poor with 11 siblings and knew life would bring bigger things her way. When she hit the airwaves of radio and television, America fell in love with her. This multi-talent has continued to provide inspiration and life lessons through various artistic outlets. Parton has a long list of awards and nominations to her name. However, investments aside, Parton’s long career is defined by her fans’ affection, which spans practically every demographic. “We stan Dolly Parton” is maybe the one thing on which all Americans can agree now.