1997: Salma Hayek

While many recognize Salma Hayek as one of the most beautiful personalities in Hollywood, this was not the case during the 1990s. Yet, she was on her way to great stardom during that time. The numerous times she had participated in red carpet events added to her flair, mystique, and charm. Perhaps her most notable appearance was when she was tasked to become a presenter during the 1997 Oscars. For it, she wore a glistening white dress designed by fashion icon Giorgio Armani and a sparkling tiara.

In addition to adhering to the occasion’s formal dress code, Hayek’s dress became one of the most memorable attires to have ever graced the Academy Awards red carpet and is given credit for further expanding her ever-increasing public profile. While she has since worn equally elegant and memorable ensembles, her white dress back then certainly wowed everyone in attendance.