The Celebrities Who Have Been Banned For Life From SNL

Shane Gillis

Project: Saturday Night Live

Fans were supposed to see Shane Gillis as part of the Saturday Night Live cast in 2019, only that it didn’t happen. Why? After it was officially announced that he would formally become a part of the show’s cast members, a clip where he was saying racial slurs resurfaced. The 2018 video was shared on Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast YouTube Channel, showing the stand-up comedian throwing insults while talking about eating at Chinese restaurants.

This caused Saturday Night Live to fire Gillis, saying the show wasn’t aware of his negative remarks making rounds online at the time. It found the language the actor used as “offensive, hurtful, and unacceptable” to an incredible degree. The spokesman then apologized to the public and explained the network didn’t see Gillis’ video earlier. The comedian later released his own statement on Twitter, acknowledging and respecting SNL’s decision.