Surprisingly High IQs of Famous People

John Adams | 173

With an IQ of 173, it might be safe to say that John Adams was one of the smartest US presidents. Well, his achievements might be enough to prove this claim. He was the second US president, serving the country from 1979 to 1801, after being the nation’s vice president under the leadership of George Washington.

He was best known for being a statesman, diplomat, writer, and attorney. He was one of the Founding Fathers and was a dedicated diarist. After Adams attended Harvard University to study law, he became one of the early supporters of US independence from Britain. He was ambitious and intellectual, if not vain. Adams would usually complain about the insignificance of the vice president’s office, so he made his way to the top. Among the many things that could be attributed to his name, Adams could be best remembered for his diplomacy skills because he helped negotiate a peace treaty during the Revolutionary War.