Celebrities Who Are Not Richer Than You Think

Shirley Jones – 87 years old

Net Worth: $30 Million

Old but gold, this saying goes very well to several actors and actresses who established their names among Hollywood icons, just like Shirley Jones. Born March 1934, the 87-years-old actress is best known for her TV series The Partridge Family, which aired from 1970 to 1974. Jones started her acting career in several musicals until she got the leading role for the film adaptation of Oklahoma! in 1955, followed by her role in the 1956 movie, Carousel.

Jones was also among the casting credits of April Love and The Music Man. She is very much received and won Best Supporting Actress in Academy Awards for her role in the film Elmer Gantry. Jones is also well associated with John Cassidy. Jones was once married to John Cassidy and with whom she shares three sons. Through her marriage with John Cassidy, she became the stepmother of David Cassidy. Through the years, Jones remained a respected actress and recording artist. Although she took things slow, Jones still accepts projects from time to time, proving that she still has a lot in the tank after all these years.