27 Popular Women Who Look Nothing Like Their Actual Age


Sandra Bullock is “America’s Sweetheart” to the media, but she’s shown more. Her multiple action-packed and physically demanding on-screen performances have given her a distinct advantage, and she’s swiftly risen to the top of the industry’s leading ladies. Bullock was one of the highest-paid actresses in 2014, and she’s gotten even more traction since Bird Box.

She made her acting debut when she was only 24 years old. She got a modest role in a film at the time, but it wasn’t until 1994 that she broke through when she starred in Speed. Bullock rose to prominence after that, starring in films such as Crash and A Time to Kill. She also ventured into romantic comedies, like Hope Floats and Miss Congeniality. After a few decades, it’s clear that Bullock has come a long way, and her investments to succeed have been nothing short of amazing.