The Best of the 90s: Comedy Films that Made Us Laugh

People from different generations will claim that their era was the best and those who spent their childhood during the 1990s have also been making that claim. The period was characterized by an increase in awareness about multiculturalism and the emergence of alternative media. Hip-hop trended around the world, and the internet, which allows the possibility of online classes today, started booming. Undoubtedly, it was a period of technological change, and it was the context in which the movies listed below were made. When 90s kids go back to their memories of the day, they usually remember it with fondness and nostalgia. To this day, many of that generation who occasionally yearn for the good ol’ days still go back and watch the best comedy movies of the 90s. What were these movies, and were they really good? Well, below is a roundup of comedy flicks that you need to watch (or rewatch) if you haven’t already.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Jim Carrey plays the titular role in the movie and is an eccentric private detective known for his preference for finding captive or tame animals. He was tasked with finding the abducted dolphin mascot of the football team, Miami Dolphins. Jim Carrey’s brand of humor was given credit for making the movie a success. While many gave it bad reviews, others praised the film for being idiotically inventive and for touching all the necessary bases in spoof comedy. Kids found the movie funny, and it was given the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actor.

Dumb and Dumber

If two people who are intellectually challenged find a suitcase full of money and then decide to fill up a gas tank to travel cross country and return the dollars to its supposed owner, all sorts of things can go wrong. Such was the case in this movie. The duo, Lloyd and Harry, end up being chased by hired criminals. Movie critics say that the film was crass and that parents needed to watch their children as they enjoy the movie. It was the same rawness that got many to enjoy the movie with all its gut-churning moments. The combination of Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels was also perfect in this film.

There’s Something About Mary

Having the chance to reconnect with an old flame can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The movie takes us to the story of Ted, who had a second chance to go out with someone he has always liked — she was the one that got away in high school. He hires an investigator, pouring in investment money to track down Mary, and it’s at this point when the complications begin.  The readers of Total Film Magazine voted the movie as the fourth greatest comedy film of all time, and it was no surprise given that the famed Farrelly brothers were at the helm of the film’s production.

American Pie

The first installment made it just before the 90s ended. The movie focuses on the story of five best friends, all students of East Great Falls High as they journey towards adulthood. It is touted as a story of love, life, and hormones that sent moviegoers on a frenzy. Even now that twenty years have passed, the movie still is making waves as the storyline remains relevant to the teens of today. Critics remarked that the movie has good humor and a hilarious storyline. The film received a great degree of acceptance that movie makers decided to make three more sequels.

Home Alone

Macaulay Culkin recently tweeted that Home Alone was released thirty years ago, which made the online community go crazy. After all, when people think of 30 years ago, they envision the 1970s. This Christmas movie classic depicting the story of Kevin McAllister had been the go-to movie during the holidays. Kevin was left alone, and when robbers tried to enter the house, he had to devise his own home security system to fend them off, resulting in the most hilarious scenes. Some critics said that the movie was unrealistic, but it was still enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

Toy Story

Released in 1995, right in the middle of the 90s, Toy Story was historical by itself. It was the first feature-length computer-generated movie and the first-ever theatrical film produced by Pixar. The film follows the story of a toy named Woody, voiced by Tom Hanks, along with Buzz Lightyear, an arrogant toy spaceman. Movie critics say that “Toy Story” created a universe from a couple of bedrooms, a gas station, and a portion of a highway, which was a remarkable feat. They considered the movie and the universe created original and entertaining.

Sister Act

Witnessing a crime, especially one done by someone close to you, can be nerve-wracking. Deloris Van Cartier saw her mobster boyfriend commit a crime and, as a result, she was sent to a convent under the government’s witness protection program. She helps transform the convent into a vibrant environment, and all kinds of fun happen in the movie. Critics credit the movie’s musical numbers as phenomenal and as the main reason why the film made it big. It raked in $231.6 million at the box office and was included among the top ten highest grossing movies of 1992.