Subtle Movie Mistakes You Probably did not Notice that made it to the final movie

Moviemaking is a very elaborate process. There are the casting, the filming, and the post-processing. Given that there are many breakpoints, the potential for errors is always present. Hence, it is not a surprise to find minor errors in the final product. Whose hand was visible in Bruce Almighty? What happened when the door to the oracle’s house was opened? These are some of the mistakes you will see in the list below.


Unless someone already invented gas tanks and electrical equipment during the time of the Romans, then it was a glaring movie mistake that made it post-production. In the Battle of Carthage, moviegoers saw an out-of-place, out-of-time machine for a split second.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Shooting a movie in the heat of the sun is difficult, and so this crew member decided to chill while wearing sunglasses. There was nothing wrong with that until it was caught on camera and made it to the final movie. The producers would have reprimanded someone for this.

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

When you are at home, you can be pretty secure because of your home security system, but when you are biking outside, you need chains to make sure the bike does not get stolen. In this scene, however, Pee-Wee was seen bringing up the chain from its box, but it was actually coming from underneath! An editor should have cropped it out but missed it.

The Matrix

Anything can happen when you are inside the matrix. A mistake, however, should not. In one of the scenes inside the oracle’s house, a big camera lens could be seen reflected on the door. It blended with the other images, but someone with a keen eye could still make out the round plastic part of the lens.

The Avengers

For a movie made from massive investments, you would think that editors were constantly looking out for inaccuracies, but one mistake made its way to the final version. In the Battle of New York, the pull rope attached to a silver car was visible for a split second. It was not a big deal, but it kind of ruined the fun as it would have taken only a minute to edit this one out.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

The jungle is a scary place, especially since we do not know what is lurking among the trees. What if it is a crew though for a movie? Well, it should not be a problem if their camouflage skills are alright. This was not the case though with a crew member from Jumanji. To his credit, he did try to hide among the bamboo trees, but his black clothes gave him away.


The Titanic is one of the greatest movies of all time, but even the most excellent is not immune to a few errors. In the scene where Rose and Jack were running away from Cal, moviegoers saw a camera and light set through the window. It would help if you had quick eyes though, as it was seen for only a split second.

The Goonies

It looks like plumbing services did not do an excellent job of creating the contraption used in the bathroom scene of The Goonies, as the lift and the seat used to create the exploding effect were visibly seen. The scene was still funny, though, so we can forget about the little mistake.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Playing Quidditch while riding a cursed broom is challenging. In the scene where Hermione thought Snape was putting a spell on the broom, Harry’s seat cushion was visible for a moment. With a small degree of effort, an editor member could have edited it so it would not be obvious. Better yet, a wizard should have magicked it out!

Bruce Almighty

As it happens, Bruce could not do everything, especially training his itinerant dog. In one of the scenes, a hand was visible giving instructions to the dog. A dog becomes upset or stressed out when in a set with unfamiliar people so someone familiar must be giving him directions so that it would appear perfect on camera. It would be better if the hand did not make its way to the final movie, though.

Men In Black 3

Filming a movie entails consuming a lot of electricity. It should not be left, however, for everyone to see, as is the case of this mistake in Men In Black 3 where viewers could see the riggings and the electrical cords on the reflection of the door leading to Cosmic Lanes.