Looking for a Laugh? Stream these Sitcoms Online

There is now a wide array of choices when one looks for entertainment online. Several streaming platforms are available such as Netflix, Viu and Hulu. Given the demand for entertainment as more people stay home and turn to the internet, show creators are frequently on the watch out for useful concepts that serve as investment opportunities for them. When the term “binge-watching” comes up, people usually think of the usual drama and action-adventure series that unravel over several seasons. Meanwhile, for those who are looking for good old entertainment, turning to comedy shows is the best option. Listed below are seven of the best comedy shows that are available online!


Do not be discouraged by the title. Watching this show will not end up in a catastrophe but in catastrophic fun! The story starts with Sharon having a fling with Rob at a bar in London while the latter was on a business trip. This results in Sharon getting pregnant. After Rob hears about Sharon’s pregnancy, he contacts the moving company and moves to London. The characters are well-meaning and very witty, contributing to the shows overall good performance. Also, if you are a fan of the late Carrie Fischer, watching reruns of the show would bring good memories back.

Arrested Development

When a California real-estate magnate finds himself in prison, he asked his son Michael to take charge of the family and their excesses. With a lawyer who is more concerned about other things, the legal outlook for the law-troubled George Bluth looked grim. George, however, was always on the lookout for ways to escape prison, including faking a heart attack. This is the basic premise of the series. What is unique about this sitcom is that there are jokes made on one episode where the meaning or the punch line only makes sense a few episodes later, hooking any audience to it.


While many medical shows focus on the intricacies of medicine and the complicated lives of doctors, “Scrubs” revolve around the life of a young doctor, who most likely still has a lot of student loans to pay off, as the learns his medical craft and navigates the hospital system, while also forging a friendship with the other characters. JD is also very self-aware as he narrates all of his misadventures. This combination of quirkiness and whimsical events make for a fun, yet fantastical comedy show. There have been 9 seasons so far with the show receiving critical acclaim. It also received a Peabody award in 2006.


Many give credit to “Seinfeld” as one inspiration for “Friends”, albeit with a younger and arguably prettier cast. This comedy show is a must-see, especially for those who are trying to learn more about American culture and their way of life. The have likeable characters, funny one-liners and unforgettable, meme-worthy moments. One scene that has made it most people’s consciousness is the sofa scene where Ross had to shout “pivot” multiple times to get the sofa upstairs. They failed, of course, and ended up sawing it in half and attempting to return to the store. “Friends” was well-received that it was nominated 62 times for the Primetime Emmy Awards and winning six of them.

One Day at a Time

This series is the reimagined remake of the 1970s version, and so far, people liked the current version better. The series takes place in Los Angeles in a Cuban-American household. Typical issues tackled on the show are religion, immigration controversies, generational clashes and even gender norms. All of these are transformed into something funny yet full of lessons. To a degree, it shows how a typical immigrant family’s life looks like–by taking it one day at a time.

Better off Ted

The satirical show was short-lived, but it became famous when it was shown back in 2009 to 2010. Veridian Dynamics, the company who supposedly influences many state and world affairs, is at the center of this show.  Many of the company’s employees always attempt to fight the system, but they fail most of the time. Perceived as evil, the company could probably even manipulate insurance claims and election results. For those who are looking at satires, this is the perfect show. Too bad it only lasted


Attracting the audience with her sideways look, Phoebe Waller-Bridge was able to draw attention to herself and the black comedy series.  The series was adapted from a play of the same name that Waller-Bridge showed during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The actress was joined by other characters as she tries to regain the trust of her friends and family. One of her love interests, an attorney, was played by Ray Fearon. The main character would also usually break out and engage in monologues or exposition with the audience, making it seem like a play, where the people watching were just right in front of the actress.